Divine Connection
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Our Values and Beliefs
Intention Statement

The Divine Connection community honors unique personal transformation. We know that spiritual growth is never ending and we support each individual where ever they may be along their journey. We study and teach practical tools that can be used in everyday life and everything we do enlightens the truth of our Oneness with God. We embrace and share love. 

Vision Statement

Our core values are Love, Gratitude, Peace and Joy. We attract into our community individuals who embrace and hold true these traits. We empower our loving flow by expressing these core values with our ever expanding spiritual community.

Spiritual Principles and Practices

Spiritual Truth
The knowing of our oneness with God is continually expanding and ever deepening. We embrace the continuous awakening to new understanding of this truth. We open our hearts to the Christ-mind which is alive in each of us. We consider the teachings of the wisdom traditions as tools to awaken us to enlightenment. We value and elevate our connection with others and the interconnectedness of all life.

Individual Paths
We support each individual as they journey to elevate and expand the understanding of their own oneness with God. We create classes, tools and programs that meet the individual wherever they may be along their spiritual walk. We teach and practice the lessons found in the teaching of Jesus, the Christ and other wisdom traditions. We believe and hold dear the knowing that personal growth is ever-evolving and provide opportunities that will assist each individual’s journey.

Authenticity carries great value in our community. We know that to be fully authentic we must be in the flow of God’s divine purpose. Our community is a safe haven for all people seeking authenticity in their lives; those who are learning what authenticity means for them as well as those who have been living an authentic life for many years. The awakening of our authentic self, like discovering the depth of our connection with God is an on-going journey and we travel it together. 

We are a community of Love. We are a community of Gratitude. We are a community of Peace. We are a community of Joy. We hold the truth of each individual’s beautiful essence, their oneness with God as sacred. We are a community of support and encourage each other throughout each person’s amazing spiritual journey.

We believe that this entire Universe is created from a place of pure Love. We know that this Love is within us and flows from us. We understand that we co-create the world we see and encourage each other to see and create through the eyes of Love. This amazing Love, God’s Love, is available to us all, right now and for always.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will assist us in sharing light, love and peace throughout the world.