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Embracing The Divine Within

When we embrace the Divine power, presence and wisdom within, we realize the path to live a life that serves the highest good for ourselves and this world. The truth that we are all connected, within our own soul, to the Divine Creator of the entire Universe, enables us to release the stress and worry that comes with this human experience. As we look to love instead of fear, we find comfort and grace. As we express love instead of fear, we share the truest part of ourselves, we share kindness and compassion. Embracing the Divine Within shows us how opening awareness to our connection with God in all things leads us to an experience of and expression into a life that transforms chaos into peace and love.
Discovering The Divine Within

Essays, Meditations and Affirmations to Awaken Your Spiritual Connection

There is a beautiful truth deep within you, it has been your truth since before time began and will remain your truth throughout eternity. This truth is God, Universe, your higher-power. It is whatever you need to call it and it has been your source for unconditional love always. This amazing truth asks to embrace your essence, the most authentic part of you and desires to serve your highest good. Acknowledging this truth opens you to more fully experience unconditional love and calming inner peace.

Discover the Divine within you. Embrace this loving source for all the answers you seek.
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What people are saying about our books:

Embracing The Divine Within
Discovering The Divine Within

- This is the book I have been waiting for.
- The book will be used in my daily devotion.
- Each reading of the essays is like reading them for the first time; with every reading I get more out of it.
- There is a meditation for every situation I encounter and I can use them over and over.
- The book envelops the reader with love and inspiration.
- The meditations and affirmations will be part of my daily practice.
- Delivered with love and peace, this book gently invites me to deepen my spiritual practice and expression in life.
Enjoy this interview Dr. Janice Lundy had with Reverend Kenny Brixey about 
"Discovering The Divine Within."
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