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Wednesday Evening 
Book Study
Each Wednesday we get together and enjoy wonderful snacks, great conversation and empowering books. Each book we study offers opportunity for spiritual and personal growth, enlightenment and awareness of the Divine in all.

It is never too late to join so contact us and learn how you too can elevate and expand your life experience with us.

We begin a new book on 
January 9, 2019... 

"A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle

The list of the books we have studied includes:

The Power of Intention
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Life Visioning
Michael Beckwith

Money and The law of Attraction~ Esther and Jerry Hicks

A Return To Love
Marianne Willimson

Money Mojo Magic~
Jeanette Maw

A Course Of Love~
Mari Perron

The Way of Mastery~
Shanti Christo Foundation

We would love for you to join us.
Please let us know if you would like to attend by emailing 


or calling 

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will assist us in sharing light, love and peace throughout the world.
Spiritual Housekeeping

Spring is here and much attention is giving to getting things in shape that may have been a bit neglected over the winter months. Spring cleaning takes place in and around our homes. Many folks are increasing workouts to prepare for swimsuit season. The summer toys are brought out, dusted off, tuned up and made ready for the season.

Most of us, however, do not have a plan for our Spiritual well-being. In this class, we address Spiritual Housekeeping. We will look at practices to elevate your spiritual awareness and your connection to Spirit within you and everywhere present. We will address the benefits of being more connected to your inner truth, to Spirit, to God. You will learn how to expand spiritual expression and understanding while living a life you love. 

Opening awareness to your Spiritual truth enriches the experience of all that you do, all you think, and all you feel.

New date and time to be announced soon.
 Do a little Spiritual Housekeeping and elevate awareness to your truth and your connection to God. So a little Spiritual Housekeeping and enrich your experience of life.
This is a free class and Love Offerings are greatly appreciated.

Divine Connection ~ 
Center for Spiritual Awareness
691 Bear Road
Van Alstyne, TX 75495

To Register, email to kenny@divineconnect.org 
or visit our FaceBook page, 
go to Events and click on "going."​
Sunday Morning EFT Tapping 
​Join us on Sunday Mornings from 10:00-10:15 as we tap our way to an enriched experience of life. We will be tapping on love, peace, Oneness, appreciation and much more. 

Unfamiliar with EFT/Tapping? 

EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) also know as Tapping is a method of using touch on the primary acupressure points to release pent up stress and emotions thereby freeing the natural flow of energy in the body. W hen the flow of energy is restored to the body, the body is able to heal both physically and emotionally.

We look forward to seeing you here. 
All are welcome.
This event has been postponed. 
New date and time to be announced soon