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It just feels like home...
Unconditional Acceptance...
Feels like Family...
Spiritual teaching without preaching...
Practical applications for life...
All are welcome...
Kindness is shared...
Always a joy to be here...

These are some of the common phrases we hear from people who visit our community. 

We honor Oneness with God and embrace the Divine in everyone. We share love, joy and peace with our community as well as the world. We teach practical tools that assist in living an authentic and spiritual life everyday.
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It feels like home...
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Our New Book
Transform Your Past

​It is said that we cannot change the past. While we cannot change the events of the past, we can change our perception of those events and the emotions surrounding them. 

The emotions of past events directly affect our experience, self-belief, willingness and participation of events today. Transforming the emotions around our past frees us to more openly and authentically live life now.

You are invited to join us on March 24, 2019 for this beautiful and 
transformative class. 

This is a free class and love offerings are greatly appreciated.

Divine Connection ~ 
Center for Spiritual Awareness
691 Bear Road
Van Alstyne, TX 75495

To Register, email to kenny@divineconnect.org 
or visit our FaceBook page, 
go to Events and click on "going."

We are closer than you may think- 
Only 15 minutes north of McKinney, Texas 
and 15 minutes south of Sherman, Texas

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will assist us in sharing light, love and peace throughout the world.
Essays, Meditations and Affirmations to Awaken Your Spiritual Connection

 There is a beautiful truth deep within you. It has been your truth since before time began and will remain your truth throughout eternity. This truth is God. It is your source for unconditional love always. This amazing truth asks to embrace your essence, the most authentic part of you, and desires to serve your highest good. Acknowledging this truth opens you to more fully experience unconditional love and calming inner peace.

 Discover the Divine within you. Embrace this loving source for all the answers you seek.

Order at Create Space or at Amazon.com.
Texoma's Center 
for Spiritual Awareness